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Our Approved CPD Courses offer opportunities for skill enhancement; professional growth; increased client base; staying current; expand treatment options; networking; boost confidence; professional recognition; quality assurance and personal fulfilment.

This course lasting 2 days is an introduction to how to identify and treat Musculo-skeletal pain using the feet. Pain physiology is taught to appreciate relationship between ‘old’ and ‘new’ physical mishaps, e.g. fall, whiplash injury.  Changes in neural plasticity effects physical and mental wellbeing. Group discussion will reveal students experience of pain. Narratives are […]
This course provides Reflexologists with an opportunity to gain an insight in to how Cranio-Sacral Reflexologists work. The training offers a combination of theory and practice to understanding the basic principles of Cranio-Sacral Reflexology, the anatomy and physiology of the Cranio-Sacral system. Introducing the CSR technique, including taking the first steps to feel the movement […]
This course is designed to introduce Reflexologists to the concept of Cranio-Sacral Reflexology in the assessment of the digestive system. Who is ruling the gut brain? Enteric nervous system vs vagus nerve – analysing the roles of the nervous system, and the 10th cranial nerves. The teaching will highlight the gut-brian-heart axis. Participants will master […]
The 3-day Functional Reflex Therapy training course has been thoughtfully designed to provide support and encouragement to reflexologists, helping you to develop new pathways and diversify your reflexology business. • You will learn new skills using focussed, carefully worded documentation and resources. These will be a valuable addition to your reflexology tool kit and will […]
This online Level 3 AoR approved course is a knowledge based course aimed at complementary therapists. It will develop your knowledge and understanding of the role and sources of nutrients required for a balanced diet to maintain good health. You will also learn how to provide general information on healthy eating and wellbeing over the […]
This gentle yet powerful therapy involves a variety of energy techniques applied with the lightest touch, working in synergy to allow physical and emotional blocks to melt away. Life inevitably includes physical and emotional trauma in different and sometimes complex patterns. These experiences create energy blocks in the body, held in a web unique to […]
Learn the secrets your feet reveal with UK’s leading foot reader – Jane Sheehan. Two day workshops are held in many locations. See for more details. At each workshop, Jane will bring her books for sale “Let’s read our feet” “The foot reading coach” “Sole Trader: The Holistic Therapy Business Handbook” and her “Gurus’ […]

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