Adapted Reflexology (AdRx)

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This course lasting 2 days is an introduction to how to identify and treat Musculo-skeletal pain using the feet. Pain physiology is taught to appreciate relationship between ‘old’ and ‘new’ physical mishaps, e.g. fall, whiplash injury.  Changes in neural plasticity effects physical and mental wellbeing.

Group discussion will reveal students experience of pain. Narratives are used to explain neurological processes occurring after injury – acute and chronic.

We identify anatomical access on the feet and look at techniques to change inconsistencies in movement and tenderness of feet.

Neural plasticity is discussed with particular emphasis on whiplash injuries. Direction of forces on impact are discussed and the effect thereof.

Practical and theoretical elements of injury, pain and foot treatment are ongoing, supported with clinical reasoning and including inclusion and exclusion criteria’s. Treatment plans are discussed.

Course cost: £360.00
Length: 2 days
Location: Winchester, UK

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