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Welcome to the Association of Reflexologists

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AoR COVID-19 – UPDATE 22nd February 2021

We are thankful to be able to share some better news as we see the number of daily Covid-19 infections across the UK continuing to decline which allows us to be cautiously optimistic that we will soon have a way forward. As a result we are now seeing all devolved Governments beginning to talk about their roadmaps out of lockdown and we will keep you updated as new announcements are made.

The Governments appear to be taking a step by step cautious approach and whilst we appreciate there may be some twists and turns along the way we hope there will be no further road blocks and we will soon see our reflexologists being able to offer treatments again.

ENGLAND – reflexologists will be able to practice again in step 2 of the Government Roadmap – the current date is listed as not before the 12th April

On Monday 22nd February Boris Johnson outlined the 4 step plan to ease England out of lockdown. As infection rates are similar across England the easing of restrictions will be the same for the whole country.

As it takes 4 weeks to see the effect that each step will have on the number of Covid-19 cases and hospital admissions, plus 1 week for giving people warning of the next step there will be at least a 5 week gap between each step. The indicative ‘no earlier than’ dates in the roadmap are all contingent on the data and are subject to change depending on 4 tests:

  1. The vaccine deployment programme continuing successfully
  2. Evidence that the vaccine is effective in reducing hospitalisation and deaths
  3. Infection rates do not risk a surge of hospitalisations
  4. Assessment of the changes in risks due to new Variants

Step 1 begins on the 8th March with the opening of schools and the ability for 2 people to meet for a chat outdoors with additional easing of some restrictions on the 29th March.

Personal care will be able to return in Step 2 which will be no earlier than the 12th April. However this date will only be confirmed 1 week before.


 SCOTLAND – Nicola Sturgeon said the plan for leaving lockdown would be published, on Tuesday 23 February, following discussions with opposition parties, businesses and trade unions.

It will set out as far as possible the conditions that need to be met, in terms of the data, for us to start lifting restrictions.

WALES – Education Minister Kirsty Williams has said the Welsh Government will “balance needs” for the entire population in deciding which lockdown measures to ease with their first priority was to children and young people, and their return to education.

We are awaiting confirmation for date when complementary therapists can return, although there has been some discussion that this could be as soon as mid March

 N Ireland – Robin Swann reiterated that the pathway-to-recovery roadmap on easing restrictions, due to be published on 1 March, will also be linked to data as opposed to specific dates so as yet there is no date for us to return to work.

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