What Our Members Say

Excellence in service and support, applauded by our members

We’re proud of the high quality service we give to our members, and here are just a few of the wonderful comments we have received.


I spoke to Tracey Smith, who was very helpful and knowledgeable.  I learnt a huge amount from speaking to her and realised how essential it is to have research references to back up every point made.   It is very reassuring to know that there is a service available, where queries, however large or small, can be directed to and that the advice given is from a scientist with knowledge of reflexology.


I really appreciated an extremely helpful, measured and informed conversation with Tracey Smith of the Association of Reflexologists this week as I sought further clarification regarding reflexologists’ website and leaflet claims in light of the Advertising Standards Association strict guidelines for practicing reflexologists.


The advice I was given was beyond all expectations and I was filled with confidence… It was fantastic to be able to just ring up and get an instant response rather than worrying over how I should approach treatments with this client.


My thanks to you and the admin team for your helpfulness and super service.


I am really impressed with the website and Reflexions magazine as well as email communication with members. It is nice to see the AoR embracing the technological age!


It was a real pleasure taking to you and wonderful that the AoR have such a friendly and supportive staff on hand.


The AoR are an absolute joy to deal with, being most helpful and friendly and welcoming… I have contacted them a number of times and undertaken an excellent webinar with them too…so I can only speak very highly of them and it is lovely to feel so supported by the staff there when I ring!

Long may their excellent work continue!


Everytime I contact the AoR I receive a quick response and the quality of the service you provide is excellent.


I have been a qualified Reflexology practitioner and proud member of the Association of Reflexologists for fourteen years. Over those years I have watched with delight at how the AoR has grown and embraced change with their fantastic interactive website and Reflections magazine. An essential benefit for me is the Reflexology Advice Service with the impressive and passionate Tracey Smith, Research Manager and qualified Reflexology practitioner, who is frequently answering questions asked by me and e-mailing me links to research papers on vital and delicate subjects from Reflexology and Dementia Care, Cancer Care to over pronation of a clients left ankle.