AoR Eligibility Criteria

A community of dedicated and exceptional reflexologists.

Embark on an extraordinary journey as one of our valued members.  Our commitment to excellence drives our stringent eligibility criteria, ensuring you join a community of professionals upholding the highest standards in reflexology.

Direct route to Full Membership

  • Completed a regulated*or University accredited or credit-rated qualification
  • There where 49 or more hours of face to face teaching of the Provide Reflexology module in your training
  • You completed 100 treatments for your course, including case studies
  • Your course was more than 4 months long

Did you qualify pre-2012?

Prior to 2012 there were very few regulated courses available. If you have a qualification pre-2012 please fill in the eligibility form below, which will allow us to assess you for membership.

Our Training and Education team will then be in touch to let you know the best route to membership for you.

Are you currently / ever been a member of:

  • International Institute of Reflexology
  • The Scottish Institute of Reflexology
  • Reflexology Association of Australia
  • South African Reflexology Society
  • Reflexology Association of Canada

We accept most applications from reflexologists who are eligible to be members of the above Associations which require a similar standard of training for membership.

Please note: The AoR communicates in English and therefore any member is expected to have a level of competency in English sufficient to understand AoR materials and information.