Fourth Trimester Treatments: how to support clients in the first 12 weeks postpartum

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Meg Murray Jones is Founder of Postpartum Plan and has spent the last 7 years specialising in postpartum support through reflexology and emotional and physical recovery work. She is now giving you the tools to support postpartum parents with this CPD Course: Fourth Trimester Treatments.

Reflexology is a well known, successful treatment for pregnant people and yet many clients stop when they have their baby. This is due to time, accessibility and feeling like all their energy should go to the baby. But new parents need reflexology, relaxation and healing more than ever!

Fourth Trimester treatments are very different and require sensitivity, adapting to the situation and space. This CPD course will teach reflexologists how to adapt their treatment to support new parents, how to treat to truly help recovery and healing, and also how to promote the treatment to traditionally difficult to reach clientele.

This course will inspire you to support a much needed group of people and empower you to help them heal. You will leave this course not only with the techniques but also the marketing skills to promote your services.

Course cost: £85.00
Length: 3 – 4 hours
Location: Online

For further details please go to  or email