Breath-work for reflexologists to support healing in you and your clients

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Reflexologists need to support their own health to better support their clients. Running from client to client, work stress or anything else can affect a treatment through neuroception – the energy that a practitioner brings into the treatment space. This training teaches reflexologists how breathwork can support their own mental health, impact their healing energy and how they treat their clients.

Under the guidance of Meg, an expert in therapeutic breath-work and the Founder of Postpartum Plan, her dedication to the emotional and physical health of parents is unmatched.

In this session, you’ll discover:

● The potent practice of breath work, crafted just for reflexologists.
● Techniques to navigate stress and rejuvenate your spirit.
● The peace and healing potential that flows from a soothed nervous system.
● How you can use breath-work to support your own clients and their healing journey.
● Personalised feedback on your nervous system through breath-work exercises.

At the end of the course all attendees will understand the impact of their breath on their health and their treatments, how to use their breath to heal themselves and how their breath can impact their client treatments. Attendees will also have breath styles to use to support their health and improve their treatments.

Course cost: £80.00
Length: 3 hour session
Location: Online

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