Basic Auricular Reflexology / Advanced Auricular Reflexology – Neurological & Stress Related Disorders

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Basic Auricular Reflexology

Ear Reflexology is originally based on the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture with only very few ear points known that were not organized somatotopically but in a non-specific pattern. The first somatotopic ear map was developed in 1957 by the French physician Paul Nogier and is based upon the concept of an inverted foetus orientation. Today we are working with a combination of French and Chinese Reflex Maps. The ears are an amazing reflex area for rapid and profound relaxation. They are also remarkable for pain relief in the jaw, neck, all ten zones of the shoulders, all ten zones of the lower back, lumbar spine, sacrum, coccyx, hip, and sciatic. You can integrate Ear Reflexology easily into your Foot and Hand Reflexology session and combine it with other modalities.

In this hands-on class you will learn how to get powerful results with specific protocols for: pain in upper & lower limbs, head & neck pain, spinal & sciatic pain, stress related disorders, and more. At the end of this class, you will be confident to perform a half-hour Ear Reflexology Routine, working with French & Chinese Reflex MapsFive Primary Master Points and several Functional Points and know the priority reflex locations on the ears. Discover pulses, electrical currents and temperatures, and what changes in these could be telling you about the person you are helping. Explore several ways to incorporate Ear Reflexology with Foot and Hand Reflexology and other modalities.

Advanced Auricular Reflexology – Neurological & Stress Related Disorders

During this power packed Advanced Auricular Reflexology Course you will work with the Advanced French & Chinese Reflex Maps and learn the Auricular Representation of the Nervous System. Gain deeper understanding of the 10 Master Points and their special significance, as well as new knowledge of Functional Points that are relevant for learned protocols.

Ear seeding included in this course.

You will gain confidence in the use of powerful protocols for neurological and stress related disorders, such as Parkinson’s Temor, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, and Stroke.

Gain even deeper insights while working with the outer ear by discovering pulseselectrical currents and temperatures, and what changes in these could be telling you about the person whom you are helping. Recognize and interpret visual abnormalities on the outer ear.

Course cost: £195.00* for each part *The course cost may vary depending on the US Dollar / UK Sterling exchange rate. Students will be charged in UK £
Length: 14 Hours for each part
Location: Basic Auricular Reflexology location: Grove Neighbourhood Centre, 7 Bradmore Park Road, Hammersmith, W6 0DT and Advanced Auricular Reflexology location: The Holiday Inn, Bostocks Lane, Sandiacre, Nottinghamshire, NG10 5JN

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