Why Choose an AoR Member?

Be safe in their hands

Experience the difference with a Member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR).  Our expert reflexologists are highly qualified, fully insured and will create a soothing and safe environment for your wellness journey.

MAR means Qualified

All Honorary, Fellow and Full members of the Association of Reflexologists have been vetted to ensure their qualification not only meets the National Occupational Standards and Core Curriculum for Reflexology, but exceeds it. We are careful to accept only those therapists who have met our stringent standards for number of hours spent face to face in front of their tutor – so you can be assured that when you visit one of our members you know that they have trained to a high standard.

MAR means Professional

All of our members have committed to demonstrating the highest professional standards in their practice. This means that they continue their learning every year whilst practising through continuing professional development (CPD), they are bound by the Association of Reflexologists’ Code of Practice and Ethics and that they are fully covered with Public Liability and Malpractice insurance. You are in safe hands with an MAR therapist.

MAR is a Seal of Quality

Our insistence that our members meet high professional standards both in their initial qualification and in their day-to-day lives as therapists takes the stress out of choosing your therapist. Look for the letters HMAR, FMAR or MAR after their name and you’ll know that they come with all of the AoR’s rigorous checking and standards behind them.