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February 2024

AoR Influencing for You

We are always busy in the background, influencing on your behalf.

Integrated Medical Alliance & Social Prescribing Link Workers

We are proud to be one of the first organisations to be involved in the Integrated Medical Alliance (IMA) through Dr Micheal Dixon & the College of Medicine.

Recently, IMA set up a training course specifically for Social Prescribing Link workers on complementary therapies and their place in Social Prescribing.  We are keen for the Social Prescribing Link workers to recognise, that while most reflexology is provided privately at a cost unlike much of social prescribing linking, they should still understand it and also be able to converse with their patients should the subject be raised.

Watch Tracey Smith FMAR’s talk about Reflexology: 

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Watch the whole course to acquaint yourself with information about other therapies:

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If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Social Prescribing see here for more information:

You can find out more about IMA on their website: and you may notice our very own Tracey Smith FMAR, sitting next to the then Prince, now King Charles III!