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February 2024

AoR Press Release – Announcing exciting changes at the AoR

Established in 1984, the Association of Reflexologists serves as the UK’s premier professional membership organisation for qualified reflexologists. Its mission revolves around the promotion of reflexology and the support of reflexologists across the country, fostering advocacy, education, and industry standards.

The Association of Reflexologists (AoR) is delighted to announce significant developments aimed at enhancing its support for members and promoting excellence in reflexology. First and foremost, the AoR is proud to introduce Deborah Cook as the new Chair of the Board. With over 20 years of experience as a practising reflexologist, a registered nurse looking after Quality Assurance of Education and a distinguished three-year tenure on the AoR Board, Deborah brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her new role. She eagerly anticipates collaborating with the board and members to further the Association’s mission and objectives.

Accompanying this appointment, the Association is excited to welcome two new board members, Naomi Wilson and Kathy Fear. Deborah Cook expressed her enthusiasm by saying, “We are thrilled to welcome these accomplished individuals to our leadership team. Their diverse backgrounds and fresh perspectives will prove invaluable as we chart our course for the future.”

In addition to these board changes, the Association has appointed Bronwen Packham as the new Chief Executive. Bronwen’s fervent passion for reflexology and extensive management expertise position her as a driving force behind the organisation’s operations and the spearheading of innovative initiatives.

But the transformations do not finish there! The AoR has moved office space, to provide the staff with a contemporary and accommodating workspace. Bronwen remarked, “Our new office will enable us to better serve our staff and members. We are enthusiastic about the enhanced technology, meeting spaces, and amenities this modern office brings.”

Furthermore, in conjunction with the Association’s rebranding, the AoR has launched a newly designed website. This user-friendly platform simplifies the process of discovering information about reflexology, locating a local reflexologist, and staying updated with the latest reflexology news and research. The upgraded Members Area equips AoR members with a plethora of resources and support at their fingertips.

Bronwen Packham, the newly appointed Chief Executive, shared her perspective: “This is an exciting moment for the AoR and the reflexology profession. We are committed to expanding our support and services for our members, raising awareness of the myriad benefits of reflexology, and making it more accessible to all. I am honoured to lead the Association during this transformative period, and I am confident that we have the right
team and resources in place to achieve our goals.