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May 2024

Everything you need to know about Reflexology and more –

A feature on Sound Therapy

April 2024

Overcoming the unexpected: Retrain your brain to embrace change in your life

Embracing Change. Retrain your brain to help us focus on the positives in life and to ensure we keep moving forward.

February 2024

Common Long Term Conditions

A long-term condition is defined as an illness that cannot be cured and is more than likely to be controlled with medication or other treatments.

January 2024


In our September 2022 Edition we offered members an insight into the explosion of anxiety in the aftermath of the pandemic

December 2023

Talking Conditions: Anxiety

So what is anxiety and why can something that starts as a general feeling of unrest, become a full on anxiety disorder?

November 2023

Reflexology and the Immune System

Another In-depth article, this time reviewing Reflexology and the complexities of the Immune System

August 2023

Introduction to Menopause. 

This article introduces you to menopause and discusses fascinating cultural differences and the importance of relaxation for easing symptoms.

August 2023

Reflexology Research; Headaches and Migraines. 

Research ensures we remain informed about the benefits of reflexology and this article highlights some of the important studies that have looked at reflexology for headaches and migraines.

August 2023

Reflexology for Better Quality Sleep

Insomnia is a common problem thought to affect around one in three people in the UK. This article is part of our Focus on a Reflex series and Kate shares tips and techniques for improving sleep.