March 2024


There are an increasing number of students, completing their training, without any insurance.

As an AoR Student Member the insurance is included in the fee and so this will ensure the student is covered.

The importance of insurance, even when treating friends and family, is that we are offering a service, usually using equipment such as a chair or massage couch and products/medium, if there was injury caused to our case study clients due to failure of the equipment or an allergic reaction, not only could some medical bills be paid for through the insurance claim the cost of replacing equipment would also be considered depending on the full circumstances of the case. Having Public Liability and Treatment Risk insurance is important and protects both the therapist and client.

We do highly recommend all students having insurance cover for training in place at the start of their course.

Students can join the AoR via our website and gain Direct Access to membership by studying at your school:

Student Insurance – This covers students to work for free or a small donation to help cover expenses (this has to be justifiable) on clients who are aware the learner is a student and they complete a full consent form as a case study or practice session. Student insurance does not cover full paying clients or the learner advertising they are fully qualified to gain clients.