Complete Pathology For Complementary Therapies


Stay informed, stay relevant, and provide exceptional care with the comprehensive knowledge offered by “Complete Pathology for Complementary Therapies.”

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Attention, complementary therapists! Explore the 2021 edition of “Complete Pathology for Complementary Therapies,” your comprehensive guide to over 250 medical conditions. Gain in-depth knowledge, unbiased insights, and holistic advice to enhance your client care. Invest in your professional development and elevate your practice with this indispensable resource.

Complete Pathology for Complementary Therapies was written in partnership with the Association of Reflexologists but it has no bias to reflexology.  It is a generic guide designed to support ALL therapists, ensuring its relevance and applicability across the complementary therapy spectrum. Regardless of your specific practice, you will find this guide to be an invaluable companion on your professional journey.