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Ever wondered why a reflex is out of balance, and can find no obvious reason, then this is the book for you! We believe this is an invaluable guide for all reflexologists that will help you explore why a reflex may be out of balance whether there is a physical explanation or is it an emotional reason. Too often we forget that an individual is not simply a collection of past and present physical problems, but a swirling mixture of past and present emotional issues as well. Generally we are usually good at considering all the physical aspects, but tend to neglect the emotional ones. By not taking the emotions into account and by not fully embracing their whole being we are doing our clients a disservice which could cause unnecessary concern and worry. This book is divided into systems and gives you a brief overview of the anatomy and physiology for each reflex plus possible physical and emotional issues that this could relate to. This is followed by questions and prompts that you can use to ask your clients to help you explore together why a reflex may be out of balance. This has been a collaborative work with Tracey Smith, Sally Earlam and Laura Franzen providing the A&P and physical aspects of a reflex and Sue Ricks and Jane Sheehan, both eminent reflexologists, providing the emotional links to reflexes.

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