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July 2024

Reflexology Training – Are you ready to take your first step?

Training courses can be complex to navigate alone, are you sure you are choosing the right one for you?

Questions to ask yourself when looking for a course:  

What do I want to do with my Reflexology practice?  

How do I learn?  

  • Do you need more face-to-face hours with support from a tutor? 
  • Are you happy learning at home alone?  
  • Is location of the school important or are you willing to travel a little?  
  • Will you feel confident practicing a new therapy after the amount of training on offer?  

Don’t panic, the AoR are here to help support you through this journey. Not only do we have a dedicated training page on our website, we are also here to talk you through your choices.  

Watch our video to help you make the right choice – WATCH NOW 

Start your journey today.