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May 2024

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A feature on Sound Therapy

Pain, as we all know, may be physical, emotional or spiritual, and sometimes karmic of origin too. Often, if we’ve not been ‘listening’ to that small inner voice whispering to us to slow down, take time for ourselves, and all sorts of other messages we choose to ignore, then wham! Ouch! This manifestation of physical pain leaves us no choice but to stop and listen!

Pain and disease may manifest in the outer levels of the bodies energy field / aura for a long time before it affects the physical body. The chakras are also effected and become blocked, so not working to their full potential.

I liken it to the house getting increasingly clogged up with dust, dirt and rubbish. Once the house is hoovered and rubbish is thrown out, everything looks and feels brighter. When working with sound, the notes vibration disperses blocked energy and allows balance and harmony to return.

Tuning forks come in many different frequencies, like the notes on the piano. Each fork has it own properties or benefits. They are mainly used off the body in the auric field.

When working with the healing vibrations of sound, it is always interesting to note which forks ‘pop out’ when dowsing to see which turning forks I’ll be using. Generally, I work with three in a session, using one at a time.
The forks will resonate differently and for less time when in an area of blocked energy. It may take several ‘dings’ of the fork for the energy block to start moving again. Its also interesting to observe where the energy blockages are, how dense they are and at what distance to the physical body.

Forks from the solfeggio group of frequencies are most likely to be the ones I’ll work with, though not always. These work on a physical, mental, emotional and karmic level. For instance –

174 hertz is for releasing pain
285 hertz for releasing wounding
396 hertz for liberating guilt and fear
417 hertz is for undoing situations and facilitating change
528 hertz is the heart/love frequency and is for miracles, transformation and DNA repair
The weighted 0m 136.10 hertz is used on the body and is excellent at dispersing muscle tension and pain.

Louise Vaughan-Arbuckle MAR MNFSH