Lafuma Mobilier

15% off selected Lafuma Products.  With a Lafuma chair, you can count on exceptional comfort and enjoy soothing moments of relaxation.

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Why choose a LAFUMA MOBILIER recliner chair?

Enjoy a relaxing moment in our recliner chairs

The first advantage of the LAFUMA MOBILER recliner chair is of course the unique comfort it provides. The seat back, with manual tilt and soft slide system, can be adjusted to the zero gravity position. This position is ideal for the body; it provides an angle of 127 degrees, perfect for improving blood circulation throughout the body, and relieving the back, legs and neck. Thanks to an ingenious fixing system for the fabric, your back is perfectly supported and your body weight ideally distributed. The pressure areas of the body are soothed and your neck is delicately held by the recliner chair’s adjustable or integral head cushion.

For greater comfort, we have also developed our own system for attaching the fabric of our recliners. Clips, instead of traditional elastic, provide a better hold and firmer comfort.

You’ve got it: with this chair, you can count on exceptional comfort and enjoy soothing moments of relaxation.

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