Songbird Naturals

10% off Songbird Naturals range of Reflexology waxes.  These high quality waxes allow for a firmer grip with a little less slip than regular massage waxes.

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We are delighted to be partnered with Songbird Naturals who offer a range of their Reflexology Waxes at a discounted price to members. Just use the code AOR25 at checkout and receive 10% off. 

Songbird Reflexology Wax was developed in response to requests from many Reflexologists who asked us for a tighter, firmer wax to aid their Reflexology treatments. After much research, development and many consultations with professional Reflexologists, we created Songbird Reflexology Wax. Also available as Vegan Reflexology Waxes, without the beeswax.

Songbird Reflexology Wax is available in five different scents, including an unscented version. Our Tea Tree and Mint Reflexology Wax, which was the original scent to be developed, remains a firm favourite with therapists.

Our Reflexology waxes allow for a firmer grip with a little less slip than our regular massage waxes. With a Grip Rating of 7, the consistency of our Reflexology waxes is the same across all blends.


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