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June 2023

AoR Out, About

The World Reflexology Consortium was asked to be part of a panel discussion at the Reflexology Association of Canada’s (RAC) annual conference in May. This was virtual attendance which was a bit sad for Tracey Smith as she attended from her home office rather than flying to the very beautiful country of Canada for a few days!
Some of the questions discussed, was where the idea for the WRC came from, how we were working together and what were our hopes for the future.
We have already agreed a definition of reflexology that is acceptable to the four member organisations despite having clear differences, and have found many ways to support each other on a membership organisation to membership organisation level. In the future we hope to have reciprocal agreements between all the organisations involved allowing easier global mobility for members, there may still be additional training needs but on cultural or national/ local legislative issues rather
than at a reflexology level.
We are just beginning to work on various ideas for
standardisation of certain aspects of knowledge across all four organisations and countries.