Reflexology to support those living with cancer and other life-limiting conditions

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This workshop has been created to empower reflexologists with the knowledge and techniques to be able to support their clients undergoing treatment for cancer from diagnosis through to remission and beyond. As well as learning what cancer is and different types and treatments, we also cover ways the therapist can use to protect themselves too. We look at skin hunger, the use of a guided meditation, a breathing ritual and a different way of working the feet. The techniques have been used to great effect in an oncology setting and also to support vulnerable clients, such as those living with Long Covid. One practical day, where we provide clients with a cancer diagnosis for you, and on-line prior learning.

Course cost: £195
Length: 1 practical day (6 hours) and approx. 3 hours online learning
Location: Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 3BL

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