February 2024

AoR Honorary Member – Cheryl Taylor, delivers a hugely successful talk

Reflexology in The Western Isles

When I was asked to do a talk on Hand Reflexology by Cothrom, I said I would think about it. Only
because I panicked, normally I would jump at the opportunity to promote Reflexology.
But this time I had no visual aids, no posters, no literature of my own. I gave most items away, posters,
visual aids, skeletal hands, and feet.

When I moved to the Western Isles 12 years ago, I did not think I would be doing any talks, or indeed
be asked to do so.
I have been practicing my favorite therapy since I moved here, but this is different.

However, the AOR to the rescue, and panic phone calls. Everyone at the AOR were so kind and helpful
and good listeners. Could not do enough for me, to get me off the ground again.
I also got in touch with one of my ex-students, as I gave a lot of my RX aids etc to her. She very kindly
copied some paper work and sent me what I asked for.

The day came and I was a bag of nerves. Unknown venue, had no idea how many would come, age
group etc.
I had done my homework, so was confident in my subject, but delivery was another matter.
I need not have worried. I was made very welcome and put at ease.
All participants listened attentively and were eager to learn a new skill.
I decided to work and demonstrate on the lower arm, fingers and palm, and the only point, due to
time restraints, the Solar Plexus.
Just enough time to demonstrate on my husband’s hands, before paired up teams worked on each
other, question time and complete a feedback sheet.

What started as an anxious day, became a journey back home, relaxing, and inspiring, encouraging,
and full of smiles, if not a bit tired.
Thanks, AOR for your help, encouragement and posting literature so promptly, on my first talk on Hand
Reflexology on the island.

I have been asked to do a follow up! The feedback was overwhelming.

COTHROM www.cothrom.net
Cothrom means opportunity in Gaelic. It is a community and development
Organisation in South Uist in the Western isles.

Cheryl Taylor HMAR
February 2024