You have three options to reach Full membership:

Option 1: Associate membership

This is a 12 month trial membership in which you would enjoy most of the privileges of being a Full member, and would be expected to undertake 20 hours of CPD over the course of that year, the same as we ask of our members. It is seen as “working towards” Full membership, and so for the duration of those 12 months, you would not be able to advertise that you were an AoR member or use the letters MAR after your name. Once the 12 months were completed, you would have the option to upgrade straight to Full membership upon renewal.

For an application form for Associate membership, please click here.


Option 2: Individual assessment

We recognise that some people do a lot of learning outside of their course, so if you have done Continued Professional Development courses, volunteering, trained in other complementary therapies or have simply been practising for a number of years, you may have filled any gaps in your learning with experiential learning. To recognise this, we do have a free assessment process which you can utilise to see if you are directly eligible for Full membership called Recognition of Prior Learning.

To access an Initial Information form so you can access individual assessment, please click here.


Option 3: Complete Pathologies course from Essential Training Solutions

The original ITEC course had many strengths and was generally speaking a good course. However, we felt that it was weaker on the tuition of pathologies than the standard we would require for Full membership. While some people gain this through experience, some people prefer to do a formal brush-up of these skills – if you’d like to do some formal learning regarding pathologies, we’ve identified a particularly good and reasonably priced course that you can complete online, that will enable you to do this. Once you have completed the course, you will be directly eligible for Full membership with the AoR. Please click here to access more details about the Complete Pathology Course.

If you are unsure what to click on this page, or would like further information as to whether you are eligible for membership, feel free to call us on 01823 351010 for more tailored advice.