On-demand reflexology training recordings

We have the following members videos avaliable. The prices of these videos depends on the length of each videos. Most videos will have a CPD points value to them

Reflexology Supporting people living with Cancer with Tracey Smith

Cancer is a big scary illness with one in three people being affected in their lifetime. This means that more and more clients are either in the position of having treatment, into survivorship or in palliative care. Can we as reflexologists treat people living with cancer? And if so what are we treating for? Watch this video to gain further knowledge.

Released January 2019 

Reflexology and Cancer Care – Working With Complex Issues with Dr Peter Mackereth

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Released June 2015

Maternity Reflexology – an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach for some common conditions

Heidi Armstrong is a qualified Reflexologist, massage therapist, aromatherapist and Shiatsu practitioner and has taught many of these subjects. This video introduces a few of the fundamental principles of TCM and discusses some conditions in Pregnancy from a Chinese medicine perspective. You will also learn acupressure points and techniques that can be safely introduced into your practice for some of the common symptoms of pregnancy as an addition to your reflexology.

Released September 2019