Courses acceptable for student and full membership of the AoR

There are currently various courses you can choose from which are nationally recognised and conform to their requirements of membership for the AoR and regulation with CNHC.

Please click on the link in the sidebar titled 'Want to train? Read this first' to help you decide which course will be most suitable for you. The courses offer different levels of training and various combinations of face to face days and home study. Before you choose your course decide which level of course and which course structure will best suit your present commitments and learning preferences.

This refers to the face that Ofqual say it is more important that a student reaches their destination (passes a course which has external evaluation) rather than the journey they use to get there (structure of course - mixture of face to face and home study), this allows the learner's journey to fit the learner rather than it be prescribed at the start. This is modern teaching practice. The really important fact is that the course is externally examined.

Full members of the Association of Reflexologists are entitled to use the designated letters MAR after their names - a recognised standard which stands for Member of Association of Reflexologists.