The AoR Eco Friendly Therapist badge

We live in an age where world events clearly demonstrate a need for change in the way that all businesses interact with the planet around them, both in the impact they have on the environment through the products they sell and use, and in the awareness they need to have to consumer lifestyles and ethical choices.

Added to this, there is a growing appetite amongst consumers to choose the ‘greener’ option in their purchases – so therapists’ ability to demonstrate their environmental credentials means you can stand head and shoulders above the rest for consumers looking for a more eco friendly choice.

We at the AoR are proud of our commitment to safeguarding our planet. This is our members’ chance to celebrate their own efforts, and become even more attractive to potential clients too!

What is it?

The AoR Eco Friendly Therapist logo is a special logo that members can obtain from the AoR to use on promotional materials, website etc, which shows they’ve signed up to the 7-step AoR Environmental Pledge:


 “By using the AoR Eco Friendly Therapist badge, I pledge to fulfil the following guidelines wherever practicable within
my therapy practice:

1. Minimise unnecessary purchasing in my practice – I use up existing things before buying new ones, and reuse items where appropriate and safe to do so

2. Use paper only where necessary, and to choose paper that is recycled/carbon balanced/ FSC or PEFC certified

3. Ensure that any products I use are produced in an environmentally sustainable way, eg low volume organic production runs

4. Ensure that any chemicals used in my practice are not harmful to the environment

5. Consider the carbon footprint of items and products used in my practice

6. Minimise the waste generated by my practice and make sure any waste generated is recyclable or compostable

7. Minimise the impact of my travel on the environment”