MP3 DOWNLOAD: Temperamentum Vol 1: By J A Williams




Temperamentum The Perfect Fifth Music for Relaxation VOL 1: By J A Williams (Duration 60 mins) Ideal for use with Reflexology Treatment. Experience beautiful ‘Ocean Waves’ and delicate piano ‘Perfect 5ths’. The pure 5th is an important element in our environment, appearing frequently in the natural harmonic spectrum of the voice. It is also the most important interval in sound therapy and appears almost always in therapeutic music compositions, ancient as well as modern. Because most fifths in Pythagorean tuning are in the simple ratio of 3:2, they sound very “smooth” and consonant. The thirds, by contrast, most of which are in the relatively complex ratios of 81:64 (for major thirds) and 32:27 (for minor thirds), sound less smooth. For this reason, Pythagorean tuning is particularly well suited to music which treats fifths as consonances, and thirds as dissonances. A bare fifth, open fifth or empty fifth is a chord containing only a perfect fifth with no third. This wonderful interval gives a passage an exotic flavour.


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