Spirit Wellbeing Cards

10% discount on these beautiful wellbeing cards.  Empower yourself with Positivity every day.



We are delighted to be partnered with Maria Bowbanks of Spirit Wellbeing to bring AoR members a fabulous discount of these beautiful Wellbeing cards.  Simply enter the code AOR2310 at checkout to recieve your 10% discount.

Empower yourself with Positivity every day, choose a card daily or as often as you need and follow the simple technique to lift your mood, clear your space, calm your mind, protect your space and gain strength and clarity.

There are 41 cards in the deck, small enough to place in your handbag, and a lovely tool to bring positivity into your life daily and help you see things positively.

The cards are a passion I have thought about for a long time, and I finally decided to do them at the end of last year. The cards are devised from techniques I have honed over 30 years of experience, simple techniques that enable you to find positivity and hope daily. Having thought through the designs, I decided to use visuals and written on each card, all designed by me, with a bit of help from my son, who took part in determining the cards’ feel and size. And I decided to get them manufactured in the UK.

The cards are simple to use with children or adults and are brilliant for promoting positive emotional wellbeing.


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