Footnotes – a bespoke collection of musical pieces which has been specially designed for reflexologists to play during treatments. We at the Association of Refexologists have worked together with Chris Glassfield to produce an album that contains some exquisitely beautiful and calming music. Each track has been carefully selected by a practising reflexologist to enhance both your own and your client’s experience of the treatment. This has been tried and tested against some typical reflexology sessions of approximately 1 hour in length, and only when we had an experienced practitioner’s seal of approval did we offer it, exclusively for you. The CD is intended for use during a typical 1 hour reflexology sessions. As long as it is used for authorised purposes, it is royalty free. Authorised purposes include all reflexology treatments including taster treatments, as well as other complementary therapy treatments. It is also permitted to be played for personal use. Royalty free music means that there is NO requirement for you to have either the PRS or PPL license. These organisations gather Royalties for both the performer and the composer of the music which are required to be paid if the music is played in public.


  1. Reflexions
  2. Lonely Stones
  3. Pearl Diving
  4. Persephonie
  5. Galliard
  6. Valentine
  7. Autumn Kiss
  8. Pacelbel’s Canon
  9. Hati Ho!
  10. Reflexions Revisited

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