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Our latest Reflexology Wax incorporates that old favourite – Lavender. Because of its properties, this oil is ideal for use in a Reflexology Wax. We use only the best quality Lavender oil from the Drome, Vanclause, and Haut d’Alps area in France. It is quality controlled (classified AOP) and subjected to blind testing at source in order to qualify. Of course, Lavender is antiseptic and astringent – qualities needed in a Reflexology Wax. But what is also important is the fresh and aromatic scent of pure Lavender. We’ve been to the farm to check production and are in touch with the farmer in Haut d’Alps and will be using this Lavender in our massage wax as well. We are sure you’ll love it! The Lavender Reflexology Wax gives you superior grip and control like our other Reflexology Waxes. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Essential Oil of Lavender, Natural Vitamin E All of our products are IFRA and EU 1223/2009 compliant. All of our products are 100% Natural. We would also like to invite you to use the discount code AoR25 to instantly receive a professional discount of 25%. Prices displayed below are full RRP excluding the discount. Available in 20g (£3.99), 100g (£8.99) and 550g (£29.99)


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