The AoR are delighted to be partnered with Andy Edwards to bring your this Marketing Therapy course at an EXCLUSIVE discounted rate for AoR members.

Learn how to grow your business for just £24.99!! 

Whether you want a few more clients – or build a multi-practice business, the AoR approved Marketing Therapy Course will give you the skills and confidence to make the right business growth decisions for your practice. Grow your complementary practice and become successful in the way that is most comfortable to YOU.

The Marketing Therapy Course…

  • Is NOT a pushy, arrogant, aggressive, preachy, SELL! SELL! SELL! experience
  • Gently introduces what a business is really about
  • Allows you to decide what business success means for YOU
  • Steadily identifies and clarifies the four ways (the only ways) to grow a business
  • Helps you understand how ‘Value’ is perceived
  • Calmly shows why you should never ‘Sell’ to your clients/patients
  • Helps target your marketing efforts towards the most effective (and most cost-efficient) activities
  • Offers 3 Hours CPD and certificate on completion

Andy Edwards

Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer and Coach


About Andy:

Andy is an inspiring and motivating international speaker who delivers memorable presentations on business relationships, understanding others, influence, attitude, and teams.

Having studied marketing and lectured on the CIM Marketing Diploma, he further qualified in behavioural psychology, and has a National Diploma in coaching.

Andy is now qualified to deliver several psychometric instruments and has an excellent knowledge of other psychological and communication models including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Andy Says:

In an ideal world, you would become as good at the ‘Business’ issues as you are the ‘Therapy’ side of your work. Which is where the Marketing Therapy Course can help. It’s easy to understand and (like many therapies) uses gentle but powerful techniques to deliver multiple benefits to your business success. In other words, you don’t have to worry about where your next client is coming from – because the ‘Marketing Therapy’ programme is like having your very own expert guiding you through the maze of options to grow your business. And it is YOUR business. So you will never be forced to do something you don’t want to do. However, you WILL be introduced to things that you perhaps haven’t thought of – and that can sometimes feel a bit ‘different’. Wise folk would say – ‘if you carry on doing the same things, then you won’t get a different (better) result’. So, sometimes it’s worth stepping outside your comfort zone. Hope you join me in a bit of Marketing Therapy!

Here is what Daphne from Suffolk thought about the Marketing Therapy course:  

With the current pause in my complementary therapy business I wanted to send you an update regarding the marketing course I attended via the AoR last May/June. After I took the course I gave it a favourable review because I was very impressed with the content and the way it inspired me to re-evaluate my approach to marketing my business.  

The marketing promotions I tried included free gifts, the recommending three clients and giving rewards and re- designing the way I described my practice on my website have all generated much higher levels of business than previously. To that end and despite Covid closure I achieved the same level of business for 2020/21 in six months as I did in the previous year in twelve.

The website changes resulted in increased business through that method and alongside my web provider’s efforts the number of hits on the website has also increased.  I am delighted and look forward to continuing to use these new tools to improve my turnover when I can finally re-open my practice.