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When is a gut more than a gut? When it’s a brain!
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Taking the stress out of life by Sally Earlam
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Reflexology? That’s all about the feet right? By Nichola Gregory
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Nurturing your business by Rasheed Ogunlaru
Contraindications and cautions to be exercised in reflexology from the Reflexology Forum
Expanding Your Horizons
Its Time to Take Control of your Time by Rosie Pickerill
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Research in pain and reflexology
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How does reflexology work? New biology may have the answer by Peter Lund Frandsen
Nurturing your business: Customers by Rasheed Ogunlaru
What is Migraine by Martine Faure-Alderson
The possible impact of stress with the changes of menopause by Sue Hamblin
PTSD: Reset the Body Through Reflexology by Paula S Stone
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) by Sally Earlam
Viv’s Tips: Reflexology & Working With Cancer Clients
How does reflexology work – Vagus Nerve Theory by Andrea Porritt
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Calming his nerves: pre-gig reflexology helps one teenager perform at his best by Judy Forrister
Reflexology in an Autistic World by Elizabeth Calderara
What every woman needs over 40 by Ziggie Bergman
Frozen Shoulder Experiment by Tracey Smith
The Menopause – a History of Horrors by Geraldine Giles
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Aromatherapy by Kate Mulliss
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Relationships in Maternity and how to optimise the therapeutic relationship by Sally Earlam
Foot Reading: The Elements by Polly Hall
CPD Crunch sheet
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Healing body and soul with Ayurvedic Reflexology by Sharon Stathis
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Frozen Shoulder Experiment by Tracey Smith
Contraindications and cautions to be exercised in reflexology from the Reflexology Forum
Subfertility Research
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Therapist Information: Fertility
Webhealer: Using the web to attract clients attention
The Effect of Foot Reflexology on the Anxiety Levels of Women in labour, , , , , , , , , adolescent anxiety-2 foot foot-reflexology labour-2 massage-2 midwife midwifery-care obstetric pregnancy-2
Planning A Workshop by Rosie Pickerill
Reflexology and Caring for Those who have been Diagnosed with Cancer by Sue Ricks
Reflexology and cancer: tips for reflexologists by Michael Keet
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Innovating ourselves: Practising Equanimity by Rosie Pickerill
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Fourth Trimester Treatment by Meg Murray-Jones
Myth busting – Reflexology and medication by Tracey Smith
What makes people decide to buy from you?
Working with the birth team by Barbara Scott
A better journey for cancer patients by Romina P Ballor
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Childbirth and Pain exploring the fear/pain cycle by Gill Thomson
Can I treat this client flowchart
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Tracey’s journey a case study by Jenny Talkington
Nutritional Support for Menopause by Kate Mulliss
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Your Website is your Shop Window by Rosie Pickerill
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Lipoedema by Karen Windsor
Defining health and wellbeing for the reflexologist by Spiros Dimitrakoulas
Reflexes in Motion Optimal postures for the Vagus Nerve by Lianne Ernsting
Promoting reflexology to NHS staff for World Reflexology Week by Mario Demetriou
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Aromatherapy statement with IFPA
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Coeliac Condition and Reflexology: a Personal Perspective by Janice Hugh
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Mastering Your Craft, Gifts, Talents and Potential by Rasheed Ogunlaru
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Practical Tips for Practitioners: Making the most of it by Sue Ricks
Sub-fertility Terminology
Young people and reflexology by Robina Zia
Research Summary: The effect of foot reflexology on pain in patients with metastatic cancer
Returning to practice after a break by Tracey Smith
The Digestive system: Reflexology, Meridians and the Five Elements by Geraldine Giles
The enigma of the teen brain by Sarah Jayne Blakemore
Dementia: The facts
The effectiveness of aromatherapy and reflexology in neurodegenerative disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis, , , , , aromatherapy-2 massage-2 multiple-sclerosis neurodegenerative-disorders reflexology-2 systematic-review
Fostering connection in the treatment room by Laura Franzen
A practitioner’s perspective: Using Reflexology Empathically by Julia Freedman
Therapist Information: Cancer
Marketing Therapy in challenging times by Andy Edwards
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Fidelity scorecard: evaluation of a caregiver-delivered symptom management intervention, , , , advanced-breast-cancer caregiver massage-2 older reflexology-2
My inspiration: Chris Stormer-Fryer by Janice Hugh
Auricular Reflexology for stress and anxiety by Allison Walker
Effects of reflexology on premenstrual syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis, , , , massage-2 meta-analysis-2 premenstrual-syndrome-pms reflexology-2 systematic-review
Happiness and Emotional Resilience by Hayley Bennett
Marketing Strengths & Weaknesses by Rosie Pickerill
Tracey’s journey A client’s perspective by Tracey Kidman Pepper
The 7 Top Trends affecting Wellbeing Professionals by Neil Fellowes
Effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine interventions for sleep quality in intensive care patients: A systematic review, , , , , , acupuncture aromatherapy-2 intensive-care-unit music-therapy sleep sleep-wake-disorder systematic-review
Emotional eating by Nollaig Griffin
Reflexology and Health Ageing: an introduction by Tracey Smith
Building experiences leading to labour by Susan Quayle
5 ways to help bring on labour naturally by Kathryn Allen
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Menopause Self-Care by Ziggie Bergman
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The Effect of Foot Reflexology on Anxiety, Pain, and Outcomes of the labour in Primigravida Women, , , , , , , , , anxiety-2 apgar-score foot infant labour-2 massage-2 newborn pain pregnancy-2 reflexology-2
Therapist Information: Coeliac condition
Reflexology & cancer – FAQs
How to read the hands and feet with Chi/Qi/Prana by Annie Watts
Gloves off by Peter Mackereth and Anne Ferguson
Viva the Vagus! A Facial Reflexology perspective by Ziggie Bergman
Visualisation – preparing for clients by Tessa Johnson
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General lifestyle advice for pregnancy by Kate Mulliss
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The Immune system of the gut by Kate Mulliss
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Mastering Your Craft: Intuition, instincts, insight by Rasheed Ogunlaru
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Member Query: Treating a client with Plantar Fasciitis
Increasing your nutrition know-how by Nollaig Griffin
Why I Love working with older people by Janet Wise
Research: Reflexology and cancer
Placebo Effects in Medicineplacebo-effect
Complementary and alternative medicine interventions for perioperative symptoms: A comparative effectiveness study, , , , , , , acupuncture anxiety-2 guided-imagery integrative-medicine nausea pain reflexology-2 surgery
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The effectiveness of reflexology as an adjunct to treatment in childhood constipation by Jenny Gordon
10 top tips for your business by Karina Hirani
Health the Gift of Illness by Dr Christine Page
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Study on the effects of reflexology on menopausal symptons by Jo-Anne Jamieson
Talk and Touch for wellbeing and being well by Jenny Hope-Spencer
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Nurturing your business: Getting clear on your life work, passion and purpose by Rasheed Ogunlaru
Foundations of Reflexology
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AoR Policy on Anticoagulants
What is the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and why Register?
Comparing the Effect of Foot and Hand Reflexology on Pain Severity after Appendectomy: A Randomized Clinical Trial, , , abdominal-pain appendectomy nursing pain
Sham treatment effects in manual therapy trials on back pain patients: a systematic review and pairwise meta-analysis, , back-pain massage-2 statistics-research-methods
Using your intuition by Anna Turns
Expanding your Horizons
Top tips for working with menopause the 5 Element Approach by Heidi Armstrong
Inspiration in Reflexology by Peter Tomlinson and Jean Allenby
From the heart through the hands by Denise James
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Menopause Research by Tracey Smith
The Manzanares Method by Dr J Manzanares
Increasing Your Physical Longevity by Rosie Pickerill
Sub-fertility and energy clearing by Alex Nicanovich
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Protecting Yourself as a Self-Employed Worker by Rosie Pickerill
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Conception: advice from Foresight, a preconception charity
Nutrition: Creating the optimum conditions for conception by Angela Steel
Reflexology and the Effect of Touch by Tracey Smith
Supporting each other with Loving Kindness by Rosie Pickerill
Fertility and Emotional Reflexology by Jenny Talkington
A pragmatic case series of clients living with medically diagnosed migraines self-referred to reflexology, case-series-migraines reflexology-2
Myth busting – Treating people with cancer by Marie Duggan
The new qualifications and what they mean for you.
Self help methods to improve Vagal Tone by Kate Mulliss and Sally Earlam
An introduction to Physical Resilience and the Reflexologist by Kate Mulliss
The Vital Need of the Body for Water by Caroline Josling
The effect of reflexology on the quality of life with breast cancer patients, , , breast-cancer massage-2 quality-of-life reflexology-2
Maternity Reflexology – The updated AoR Information Sheet March 2019 by Sally Earlam
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Therapist Information: Stress & Anxiety
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The Vagus Nerve and Reflexology by Allison Walker
Externalising Emotion in Reflexology by Nichola Gregory
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How it works: Affective Touch by Hazel Lowe
Research Summary: The Effects of Foot Reflexology on Anxiety and Pain in Patients with Breast and Lung Cancer
Physical and mental resilience and their effect on the immune system by Tracey Smith
Creating a Foot Reflexology Plan for Migraine Sufferers by Allison Walker
The Power of Sound by Helen Perkins
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Helping our clients and ourselves by Sue Ricks
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Spotlight on Long Covid – March 2022
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The Vagus Nerve by Becky Knott
The Tipping Point by Gill Tree
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Osteoporosis: The Facts
Energy everywhere by Annie Watts
How to keep a Positive Mindset for your Business by Hayley Bennett
The Hypothalmic pituitary adrenal axis
The Gut – Brain Axis and Serotonin by Sally Earlam
Preconception for men – the natural way by Rima Shah
Mind your Mitochondria by Nollaig Griffin
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The Sense of Touch and Reflexology by Tracey Smith
Therapist Information: Headache
Reflexology Case Study – Subfertility by Christine Richards
Effect of Foot Reflexology and Olive Oil Foot Massageon Asthma Control, , asthema olive-oil-foot-massage reflexology-2
Reflexology & Digestion by Kate Mulliss
Therapist Information: Back Pain
Holistic approach to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) by Mario Demetriou
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CPD Crunch sheet
Women’s Health: A Nutritional Approach by Dr Marilyn Glenville
Effect of Foot Reflexology on Reduction of Labour Pain Among Primigravida Mothers, , foot-reflexology labour-pain primigravida-mothers
Putting the Heart Back into Your Business by Rasheed Ogunlaru
What makes Reflexology so Inspirational? By Chris Stormer-Fryer
A Maestro’s touch by Louise Exeter
Crystals For Calm by Val Winchester
Comparison of the effect of foot reflexology and body massage on physiological indicators and bilirubin levels in neonates under phototherapy, , , , bilirubin jaundice massage-2 photo-therapy reflexology-2
Business Etiquette by Rosie Pickerill
Best Foot Forward by Ana Isabel
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Sarcoidosis by Sarah Christian-Taylor
Energy in Motion – Emotion by Peter Tomlinson
Janet Peters’ Cancer Testimonial
Basic skills in the Art of Listening by Annie Watts
Nurturing your business: Putting the Heart Back into Your Business by Rasheed Ogunlaru
Therapist Information: Musculoskeletal Problems
Evaluation of the Effect of Reflexology on Pain Control and Analgesic Consumption After Appendectomy, , , , , , acute analgesic-appendectomy anxiety-2 appendicitis massage-2 pain postoperative
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Nurturing your business: Putting the Heart Back into your business by Rasheed Ogunlaru
Autoimmune Disorders by Sally Earlam
Embracing and coping with change: Fear versus Love by Nikki Durrant
Research Summary: A randomised, controlled trial of the psychological effects of reflexology in early breast cancer
The Stress Solution by Tracey Mills
Reflexology & Healthy Ageing by Betsy Keating
Building Effective Relationships by Rosie Pickerill
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The Reflective Reflexologist by Peter Mackereth and Ann Carter
Reflexology and Dementia: tips for therapist and carer support by Lynne Boothdementia
Efficacy of Precise Foot Massage Therapy on Pain and Anxiety Following Cardiac Surgery: Pilot Study, , , , , , , , anxiety-2 cardiac-procedure foot massage-2 pain pain-management pilot-project postoperative treatment-outcome
Is it Pressure or is it Stress by Laura Occleston
Vertical Reflex Therapy and older people
Holistic approach to menopause by Sally Earlam
Onion Healing by Tracey Smith
Using essential oils to enhance our therapeutic space by Kate Mulliss
New to Reflexology by Sarah Woodhouse
The psychotherapy of Reflexology by Nayna Kumari
Hitting the ground running by Jane sheehan
Complementary Medicine, Refusal of Conventional Cancer Therapy, and Survival Among Patients With Curable Cancers, , retrospective-study risk-assessment treatment-refusal
What emotions lie behind the physical gut by Tracey Smith
Reflexology for older clients by Tracey Smith
Common Menopause Myths by Kate Mulliss
Ingham and Fitzgerald: The Mechanism of Reflexology by Kate Mulliss
Investigating the Effect of Reflexology on the Breast Milk Volume of Preterm Infants’ Mothers, , , breastfeeding infant premature reflexology-2
Taster sessions workshops and teaching reflexology self-care techniques by Peter Mackereth
Reflexology and the Immune system by Judith Whatley
Massage therapy as a complementary and alternative approach for people with multiple sclerosis: a systematic review, , massage-2 multiple-sclerosis systematic-review
An EXTRA Dimension in Reflexology – The Missing Links in Reflexology? By Elspeth Fare
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Bugs in our Guts by Tracey Smith
Foot reading by Jane Sheehan
Increasing your Physical Longevity by Rosie Pickerill
Advice for providing Reflexology regarding clients with or exposure to blood borne infective viruses
Lessons from hypnotherapy: Language Matters by Ana Isabel
Effect of Foot Reflexology on Sexual Function of Patients under Hemodialysis: A Randomized Parallel Controlled Clinical Trial
The effects of reflexology on anxiety and pain in patients after abdominal hysterectomy: A randomised controlled trial, , , , , , , , abdominal-pain anxiety-2 foot hysterectomy massage-2 pain postoperative reflexology-2 visual-analog-scale
Mastering Your Craft: Awareness, Attention & Intention by Rasheed Ogunlaru
Expanding Your Horizons
Effects of foot reflexology on anxiety and physiological parameters in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery: A clinical trial, , , , , , , anxiety-2 blood-pressure coronary-artery-bypas-heart-rate foot foot-reflexology massage-2 nursing physiological-parameter-coronary-artery-bypass-graft
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Headache & Migraines Can they be helped energetically or emotionally? by Angela Wells
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PTSD: Reset the Body Through Reflexology by Paula S Stone
Theories of Reflexology: Chinese Medicine by Heidi Armstrong
Getting unstuck and problem solving by Gill Tree
The law and professional codes what to remember when working with young people by Sheila Inglis
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Teaching Reflexology: Introductory Workshops by Gill Tree
Osteoporosis by Tracey Smith
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Reflexology for people with Special Educational Needs by Sue Ricks
Adolescents & teenagers are they human or aliens? By Sally Earlam
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Therapist information: Auto Immune
Reflexology and cancer – Frequently asked questions
Efficacy of Hand and Foot Massage in Anxiety and Pain Management Following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Controlled Randomized Study, , , , , , , , , , analgesic-cholecystectomy anxiety-2 foot gallbladder hand laparoscopic massage-2 pain pain-management pain-measurement postoperative
The gut-brain connection and CPD by Vanessa Bolton
Foot massage evokes oxytocin release and activation of orbitofrontal cortex and superior temporal sulcus, , , , , , , autism brain brain-mapping foot massage-2 oxytocin touch-2 touch-perception
A rite of passage – a journey alone or are we in it together? By Nikke Ariff
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Key Information for Therapists: Cancer
The role of Illness and Treatment Beliefs in influencing pain perception following reflexology by Gemma Watts
Making the most of every stage: treating the ageing client by Sue Ricks
You can make it! My first year as a reflexologist by Gabby Lamplugh
Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem and the treatment of teenagers by Nikke Ariff
The Effect of Foot Massage on Peripheral Neuropathy-Related Pain and Sleep Quality in Patients With Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, , , , , massage-2 non-hodgkin pain-management peripheral-nervous-system-lymphoma surveys-and-questionnaire-pain-measurement visual-analog-scale
Nutrion Column: Supporting mother and baby through birth by Nollaig Griffin
The benfits of Reflexology and Children by Nikke Ariff
The effect of foot reflexology on fatigue, pain, and sleep quality in lymphoma patients: A clinical trial, , , , fatigue lymphoma pain reflexology-2 sleep
Research Summary: The Effects of Foot Reflexology on Anxiety and Pain in Patients with Breast and Lung Cancer
Treating those in isolation by Hilary Christie
Getting to the point with migraines by Sue Hamblin
Working with Energy by Polly Hall
Diabetes research by Tracey Smith