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AoR CPD Approval: Quality Assured

The AoR CPD Approval logo is widely regarded as the “Seal of Quality” in continuing education for qualified reflexologists.

Following our rigorous initial Approval process, it is critical to ensure that all Approved courses continue to meet our strict standards for delivering excellence in training. Therefore, please be aware that we require tutors offering AoR Approved CPD courses to request permission from attendees (via their GDPR Privacy Notice) to share basic contact details with the AoR. This is solely for the purpose of requesting anonymous course feedback and monitoring ongoing quality.

With your help in providing honest feedback (which will remain anonymous), we can ensure the AoR CPD Seal of Approval remains the true mark of excellence in continuing education.

 If you have attended an AoR Approved CPD course, we would love to know what you thought of it! Please take just a few moments to click here and leave your feedback with us.


All AoR approved courses are worth 2 CPD points per hour of study for AoR Members


Advanced Gentle Release Therapy Practitioner Training
Gentle Release Therapy Ltd

Course details:
Once you have spent time practicing the techniques learnt on the Practitioner Training Course you can come back and join us again, to delve a bit deeper into specific conditions and topics.
The Advanced Practitioner Training course includes the following:
Acu-touch covers over 75 points and gives prescriptions for over 40 different conditions combined with Gentle Release Therapy techniques)
Working with specific conditions such as Migraines, Period problems & Menopause
Supporting Fertility from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective with Gentle Release Therapy
Fertility from physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives with Gentle Release Therapy
Preparing for birth with Gentle Release Therapy
Intuitive release for joints, injuries and trauma
The power and creativity of the pelvic bowl connecting with Gentle Release Therapy.

Course cost: £495
Length: 19 hours
Location: Lincolnshire

For further details please go to or email


Advanced Spinal Reflexology
London School of Reflexology 

Course details:
Spinal reflexes represent our spine, central nervous system and the entire body through spinal nerve roots by innervating organs, glands and areas of the body. This course teaches you a new approach to effectively help a client through stimulating spinal nerve roots to help enhance optimal health.

This fascinating practical day will develop your knowledge, skills and techniques to treat the spine and internal organs of the body by access through the foot spinal nerve root reflexes with a totally new approach and sequence. We will first spend the day perfecting the spine, learning how to access each individual vertebra and accessing each of spinal nerve roots. You will learn how to apply on the spine a range of new effective skills and techniques to offer precision, depth and confidence to your treatments.

Learn how to structure specific and holistic spinal reflexology sequences and treatments for each individual client. Learn how to add this new technique to your current sequence and give more effective outcomes to treatments and be able to help your clients on a deeper level. Often a client’s condition can take many treatments to achieve positive results, Spinal reflexology treats the direct reflex as well as their respective peripheral nerve roots helping to achieve a better outcome. This new approach to treatments develops skills to a sophisticated level and to help disorders of the body and your treatments far more effective and appealing to clients where the spine will take a pivotal area for treatments.

Course cost: £115
Length: 7 hours
Location: Regents University Inner Circle Regents Park NW14NS

For further details please go to or email


Auras & Colour
Spirit Wellbeing

Course details:
Auras & Colour Course teaches you to see, hear or feel auras and identify the meaning of each colour.

An aura is a colour energy field made up of varying colours according to the individual.

The course will teach you how to use this ability of seeing, hearing or feeling auras to give colour readings for yourself and others, and teaches you to understand how the auric body and colour affects emotions and impacts on your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.

Simple, practical techniques are taught to enable you to apply colour as a healing tool in all aspects of work and life.

Learning to read, interpret and work with your aura offers you a practical way to enhance your wellbeing every day.

Become empowered through a new relationship with colour and learn how colour can enhance positivity, stimulating vitality and inner peace.

Course cost: £80
Length: 4 hours
Location: Online via Zoom or in person in Carmarthenshire

For further details please go to or email 


D.A.R.E Induction
Allonus Ltd

Course details:
HeART centred training

D.A.R.E Induction is self-development/advancement, educational training about clinical applications and client’s needs. We are more than the physical and explore hidden factors holding individuals back from abundance and better health.

Are you birthing or destroying in life? Induction encompasses bigger picture perception expanding minds to opportunities not explored previously. D.A.R.E expands 6th sense and empathic skills.

1. Broader picture of health
2. Cause/effect of disorders from stress
3. Energetics affects health and vice versa
4. Gut and nervous system explained
5. Schemas – mind sets and advanced mindfulness
6. Archetypes and emotional drives
7. Child self
8. 6th sense and Empathic skills developed
9. How disorders are related to systems and energetics
10. Vagus Nerve enhancements
11. How physicality interfaces with energetics

New visions for BODY-Mind-Emotion-Spirit: Bringing broader picture highlighting hidden factors creating core issue to health disorders. Emotional issues via Utero, mirroring and absorption. Learn about adverse childhood trauma and how it affects health beyond ACE. Emotional and psychological transference complications, what is yours and what is inherited can underline health.

D.A.R.E induction entry – D.A.R.E practitioners training
No previous experience required: Students receive education, new personal skills, improving health, additional professional skills for practitioners. Birthing opportunities to better life.
A Win-Win training experience.
D.A.R.E Block booking and spread the cost options
Induction pack includes: Book: Large manual: Certificate; CDs x 3: DVD
Joy Wisdom – Awarded Inspirational woman 2015: Excellence in training 2019

Course cost: £695
 4 days
Location: Live Digital Training

For further details please go to or email


Discover A Happier You
Hayley Bennett Wellbeing 

Course details:
Do you feel you’re not being your true self?
Do you want more clients but feel you’re holding yourself back?
Do you feel you’re not good enough?
Do you feel people don’t take you and your business seriously?

Let go of your limited beliefs, discover a happier you and find clarity in your life and business.
Discover a Happier You is designed to help you understand the Mind, Body and Spirit and to see the things that are holding you back. By re-designing your inner thinking space, your mind-set, you can move forward in life and create the life you deserve.

In this course you will learn new tools and techniques for your ‘Tool box of Life’, it will help you to re – design, your mind-set so you can create a more balanced and happier life.
• An understanding about the things that are holding you back and how to let go of them.
• Learning to control Negative Automatic Thought patterns
• Understand a Balanced Life
• Tools and techniques to help you through life
• Goals and an action plan.

Course Cost: £280
Length: 9 hours
Location: Online

For further details please go to or email


Dissolve & Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E)
Allonus Ltd

Course details:
HeART centred Practitioner training – New Body-Mind-Emotion Therapy

We are more than the physical. D.A.R.E teaches Practitioners and Therapist’s new innovative holistic skills for body-mind-emotions. A combination approach of clinical skills, energetic improvements and high frequency healing, extraordinary cutting-edge-approach. D.A.R.E goes beyond Brandon Bays ‘Journey work’ and Louise Hay, bringing ground-breaking ways assisting client to better health.
Conventional medicine looks at each condition, treated separately; We are not separate but a whole body-biological-energetic-emotional-psychological system in operation. We are not separate bits; Systems interact constantly. If we want success in therapy we need to correct all ‘out of order’ systems of the individual, what is underlying disorders. Psychiatry is realising individuals history is relevant in disorders.

Everything works together and when one system is thrown out of balance, others can and will be affected. Nothing is separate, all is connected. With this perception D.A.R.E looks at the whole person and their life events. Adverse trauma is explored together with inherited generational trauma from cultures, lineages, family traits, passed on from womb, shaping lives in diversion and behaviour.
Advocating cognitive is not enough for emotional/mental health issues. Biological automations cause internal disorders from mind and emotions: hormonal response occurs v stress and trauma. D.A.R.E incorporates clients core issues, from life and formation. New approaches with specific scenarios, unique to client. Helping to stop repetition.

Students receive sessions to deal with their own emotional sensitivities and IGTA transference. A Win-Win training experience.

Induction: Foundation: intermediate and Master class options

Awarded excellence in training 2019

Course cost: 
Length: 9 days
Location: Live Digital training

For further details please go to or email


Focus your complimentary business and get more clients
Hayley Bennett Wellbeing

Course details:
Do you need help focusing your business?

Do you feel lost, confused and not sure where to start?

Focus your complimentary Business and get more clients course helps you focus on and work forward your business vision and goal.

In this course you will breakdown your goals and get a clear vision, by finding out the things that are holding you back in your business. You will find ways to work through them and create a plan to move the business forward.

This is a 5-part module course, plus a 30 minute 1-2-1 tutor time.

Course cost: £75
Length: 4 hours
Location: Online

For further details please go to or email


Foot Reading – Theory and Practical (Solestry)
Jane Sheehan 

Course details:
Learn foot reading (solestry) with UK’s leading foot reader, Jane Sheehan (Author of Amazon bestseller “Let’s Read Our Feet” and 6 other titles). Choose from a two day live workshop, or a one day online workshop followed by day two of the live workshop at a later date. For details of the workshops and venues around the world, please see Jane’s website

Foot Reading is about understanding the emotions and personality traits revealed by the feet by interpreting the structural deviations and blemishes of the feet. It does not require intuition but it does require you to memorise the information. Above all, it is a very good fun, informative and detailed workshop that will totally transform your reflexology treatment into something much more holistic. It can also be used as a stand-alone therapy to provide and additional income stream.

Course cost: Varies per location
Length: 14 hours
Location: Various – see 

For further details please go to or email


Gentle Release Therapy Practitioner
Gentle Release Therapy Ltd

Course details:
This gentle yet powerful therapy involves a variety of energy techniques applied with the lightest touch, working in synergy to allow physical and emotional blocks to melt away. Life inevitably includes physical and emotional trauma in different and sometimes complex patterns. These experiences create energy blocks in the body, held in a web unique to each individual. Gentle Release as an intuitive therapy delivers a bespoke treatment at every session allowing the body to take the lead and let go of the patterns and stories it’s been holding onto, sometimes for a lifetime.

The accredited intensive 3 day practical course combined with home study offers the opportunity for a unique, high quality and transformative learning experience, where you have the opportunity not only to learn a new therapy to take home to your clients, but also to receive some nurturing and intensive therapy for yourself.

Practitioners with backgrounds in Reiki, Reflexology, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, EFT, Herbal Medicine, Massage, Nursing and Physiotherapy have all found Gentle Release Therapy to be something really special, powerful and different and they have all been blown away by the releases for themselves during the course and those they are now seeing whilst working with clients.

Many of our courses are run in a retreat setting as we want you to experience the powerful and dramatic results first hand during your training, releasing your own traumas which then allows you to work with your own clients on a different level.

Course cost: £450/£595
Length: 19 hours
Location: Online, Lincolnshire or Ireland

For further details please go to or email


How to move your business online, and make money!
Reflexology House

Course details:
Do you want new ideas to build your business, and make money?
Do you want more confidence to market yourself online?
Do you want to reach more people across the UK (and the world!)

How to move your business online, and make money is for any reflexologist looking for fresh ideas and the confidence to explore new ways to build your reputation as an expert in your field.

This course will provide you with simple, innovative and effective tools to enhance your marketing plans and start teaching reflexology online. In just 3 hours we cover:
How to move your business online
New ideas to set you apart from the rest on social media
How to practice reflexology online

The course has a 10 attendee limit so there is time for 121 practical support and includes a CPD certificate at the end.

Course cost: £50
Length: 3 hours
Location: Online

For further details please go to or email 


Instagram for Beginners
Sarah Woodhouse Support

Course details:
Some of the most common fears I hear from therapists when I do Instagram training is, “I don’t want to be someone I’m not and you have to when you’re on Instagram”, “It will take up too much of my time”, and “It all looks and sounds too scary!”

But you don’t have to change, you don’t have to spend every day on Instagram, and it doesn’t have to be scary! Throughout this course I’m going to be sharing down to earth, easy to follow advice, tips and guidance on:

• What Instagram is and why it wants you to be YOU
• Instagram and your health and well-being
• How to set up your Profile so you can be found by Instagram and search engines generally
• What the main buttons and tabs do on Instagram
• What the different post types are and how they differ from each other
• The key elements of a post so you can get posting straight away
• How to give your post the best possible start

Each module can be completed at your own speed, with review and reflect sheets and short optional quizzes to reinforce learning.

So, grab your phone and a cuppa and dive in!

Course cost: £39
Length: 3 hours plus self-directed study and reflection (approx 7 hours total)
Location: Online

For further details please go to or email 


Introduction to Precision reflexology
The School of Precision Reflexology

Course details:
This course is centred around the “linking” technique which is unique to Precision Reflexology .It is a light touch approach which enables the practitioner to connect to the subtle body of the client. The content includes a complete rationale for Precision work and demonstrations of all the links. There is an emphasis on practical sessions, with students working on each other. There is a discussion of the concept of energy in relation to reflexology and an explanation of how the linking technique connects to the Chakra system. Students will be shown how this approach gives power and precision to all styles of the therapy.

Course cost: £375
Length: Four days
Location: Buckerell, Honiton, East devon

For further details please go to or email 


‘ONE Love’ Diamond Inguz LiGht Healing
Allonus Ltd

Course details:
Allonus LiGHt Healing advancement programme:

A new healing package from Divine Feminine
ONE Love-Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing is the first stage of Power of 3 programme from Quan Yin.
A New individual support concept in healing launched in 2010. The high frequencies of ‘YIN” energy are received help us to open our heart to Divine Feminine nurturing and love.
As Empaths, Therapists and sensitives we are sensitive to others and feel their negativity. The support package gives learning skills to help prevent absorption from interactions of others, improving therapy practices.
Greater scale self-development including:
1. Seven levels of Healing
2. Three Light body healing Methods
3. Solar Chakra reconnection.
4. Tools helping to reduce stress and anxiety.
5. Chakra cleansing and balancing methods
6. Balancing the 4-selves (aligning physical, emotional, mental and etheric)
7. Expands Sacred HeARt awakening.
8. Celestial awakening
9. ONE Love DILH enhances other modalities received.
10. Introduction to Quan Yin and receive seeds of change
11. Introduction to the great healer Ascended Master Hilarion
12. Extra tools for feet Reflexes: Meridians etc.
No previous experience required.
Pack includes :
Allonus Bag: Manual: CPD Certificate: Selenite rods: Free DVD: writing materials:
Allonus LiGHt Healing advancement programme:
Foundation DILH – ONE Love:
Intermediate: Opalescence, OMNI, Omniverse, ANK.
Master class = Lotus path

Founder – Joy Wisdom – Awarded excellence in training 2019

Course cost: £245
2 days
Location: Live Digital Training

For further details please go to or email


Power your way to Positivity with Energy Clearing & Protection
Spirit Wellbeing

Course Details:
Everything is energy. Life is a series of energy interactions, both positive and negative. Are you someone who takes on other people’s emotions? Do you get drained easily? Do you find it hard to make decisions? These are just some of the questions that show how energy can affect you. Learning about energy and how to manage it gives you balance and freedom, emotionally, mentally and physically.

The Energy Clearing & Protection course teaches you 

  • Energy and how it affects you
  • Grounding – improving stability and inner strength
  • Clearing your personal, home and workspace
  • Protection of self, work and home
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • How to reduce stress, irritability, anxiety
  • To let go of worries, fears & anger
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Healing Meditation
  • Kindness towards self and others
  • A balanced state of mind
  • How to Power your way to Positivity

Simple, practical techniques shown in the course enables you to recognise energy and how to keep your system clear and balanced to live positively every day.

Course Cost: £120
Length: 6 hours
Location: Online via Zoom or in-person in Carmarthenshire

Limited to 6 people.

For further details please go to or email



Pregnancy Reflexology
London School of Reflexology 

Course details:
Taught by Louise Keet author of the Reflexology Bible and Pregnancy Reflexology. This invaluable course aims to increase your client base by helping you understand how best help a client within this specialist area. Learn how to make your treatments and marketing more effective. You will learn new techniques for key reflexes for clients who want to get pregnant, clients who wish to reduce pregnancy related problems and clients who want a natural labour. You will learn how to adapt your treatments using new skills and systems to help support hormone balance; a healthy nervous and reproductive system as well as restore energy flow and unblock body armour through the body.

Working with a client on their journey towards a viable pregnancy, throughout their pregnancy and towards a natural labour you will learn how to support the body ecology with an emphasis of understanding the impacts of diet, nutrition, exercise, household products, environmental toxins, medication, vitamins, and lifestyle on an individual. This informative day includes a 26-page informative Reflexology and Holistic Approach hand-out along with your skills booklet.

Reflexology is now a very popular treatment to help stimulate a natural labour and to help shorten labour times and you will be taught a range of effective skills and techniques to help stimulate a natural labour and natural birth experience.
This course is held at Regents University London.

Course cost: £120
Length: 7 hours

Location: Regents University Inner Circle Regents Park NW14NS

For further details please go to or email


Reflexology for Men’s Health
Effective Reflexology

Course details:
In this current age of more self-responsibility for our health, it is imperative that reflexology finds its rightful place as a therapy of choice for women… and men.

‘Reflexology for Men’s Health’ has been specially designed for reflexologists to help men from all walks of life, offering a natural approach to managing the signs and symptoms of disease and illness. It is a two-day investigation, with the aid of invaluable and insightful techniques, into the psyche of a man and how his health is viewed by himself and others. This training is offered with respected reflexologist, Lee Anthony Taylor, who will inspire and motivate you the therapist to convert more men to this amazing therapy!

Course cost: £260
Length: 2 days (15 hours)

Location: Lancashire, Norwich, Bristol, Belfast, Milton Keynes

For further details please go to or email 


The Self-Help Toolkit for Anxiety and Stress 
Hayley Bennett Wellbeing

Course details:
In this course you will learn about anxiety and stress and how it affects the mind and body, you will learn tools and techniques to help manage and maintain anxiety and stress. You can use these for yourself or teach them to your clients to help them manage and maintain their anxiety and stress.

This course will provide an understanding of what your clients are dealing with, and enhance your treatments.

Material to share with you clients – Guided Meditation (recording) and How To Stay Calm, Positive & Focused (workbook download)

Learn about anxiety and stress and what it does to the mind and body
Understand NATs Negative – Automatic – Thoughts and how to deal with them.
Learn about the Balance Wheel module and how to get a balanced life.
Self-awareness tools
Breathing and relaxation techniques – Videos Stretches – Video
3 recorded meditations to pass onto your client or use yourself.
How To Stay Calm, Positive & Focused – workbook to pass on to your clients

Course cost: £100
Length: 5 hours
Location: Online

For further details please go to or email


Tiny Toes Reflexage™
Tiny Toes Reflexage™ UK

Course details:
Tiny Toes Reflexage™ has been developed by Emma Baxter, PRM MAR
By combining elements of movement, massage and reflexology Emma has created effective techniques to support parents and their babies in the early months.
Emma successfully runs regular baby classes in Northampton supporting Parents on a 1-1 basis and in small groups.
Claire Plain MAR MARR has now joined Emma as a fellow teaching instructor and they work closely together to continually improve the course and offer a high standard of teaching.
This CPD course is designed to show you all the techniques and sequences required to teach parents baby massage and baby reflexology routines to aid common baby issues. It will also provide advanced reflexology routines for you to use as qualified reflexologist to support and treat their baby during classes.

Benefits for you…
After completing the course, you will be qualified as a Tiny Toes Reflexage™ Instructor and will receive a logo to use on your advertising and promotions. You may choose to advertise yourself as this or create your own business name and be known as an accredited instructor.

The course will cover:
Baby reflexology techniques
Baby massage techniques
Anatomy and baby development
Why Reflexage™ combines massage and reflexology
Enhanced knowledge of working with babies
Common baby conditions
Practical and theoretical considerations
Skills to run and teach parents the techniques
Advice on how to promote your business

You will receive;
CPD points
Certificate for insurance purposes
A complete 6-week routine in PDF to use at your classes and give to parents
On-going support from the founder of Tiny Toes Reflexage™
Support and advertising of your events
Listing on webpage as a qualified Tiny Toes Instructor
Access to private support group on Facebook

Price of course
Weekend CPD course: £275. A £100 deposit secures your place.
Distance Learning: £320. Can be paid in 2 instalments.
There is no annual membership fee to continue using your accreditation, our logo or to receive ongoing support.
All in-person courses are held in Northampton.

Course cost:
£275 in-person, £320 online
Length: 2 days
Location: Lavender Room Reflexology, Northampton, NN4 6BD

For further details please go to or email line