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All these training courses have been approved with the AoR.  These courses are approved for CPD as we believe you will be well trained by these tutors in this area.  However, to be able to include your training in the ‘experienced’ listing on the website it is required for insurance purposes to have assessed case studies completed as part of the course. Therefore not all approved courses are suitable for recognition the experienced area of the website. CPD or continuing professional development is not necessarily the same as completing training to gain additional skills.  Please check directly with the course provider to establish if their event enables successful participants to be insured and also practice (this usually requires an assessment).

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All AoR approved courses are worth 2 CPD points per hour of study for AoR Members



Auricular Reflexology
Contemporary Reflexology College

Course details:

This powerful, effective and fast method of reflexology can really help your clients and enhance your practice.

Most clients find that having their ears worked is profoundly relaxing and stimulating at the same time. For the Practitioner, an Auricular session is easier on the hands, you can stand or sit, you can include a few points to re-enforce your foot or hand treatment or spend a whole hour doing a thorough ear assessment and treatment protocol.

Auricular work is well researched and has been acknowledged for its effectiveness in helping with such issues as physical and emotional pain, mobility and allergies. The college charts include the body systems, the body interpreted on the ear as presented by Dr Paul Nogier and points used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the anatomy and physiology of the external ear.

Auricular Course contents:

• History and Development from Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy
• Application, Contraindications and Precautions
• Brief Anatomy and Physiology
• Ear Points and why we work them
• Ear Assessment and Analysis
• Case study results
• Techniques including nail work
• Daily self-treatment
• Full Treatment and working the systems of the body
• Use and application of ear seeds, tourmaline stones and magnets.
• Use of Ear Probe
• Treatment protocols for conditions a Reflexologist may be presented with

Course Materials Included:

Comprehensive manual
A3 laminated chart
Strip of ear seeds

Course cost: £160
Length: 1 Day in class – 8 hours or via live Zoom – 2 mornings and an evening -10 hours
Location: Various locations and via live Zoom class

For further details please go to or email