Auricular Reflexology

Auricular reflexologyAll these training courses have been approved with the AoR.  These courses are approved for CPD as we believe you will be well trained by these tutors in this area.  However, to be able to include your training in the ‘experienced’ listing on the website it is required for insurance purposes to have assessed case studies completed as part of the course. Therefore not all approved courses are suitable for recognition the experienced area of the website. CPD or continuing professional development is not necessarily the same as completing training to gain additional skills.  Please check directly with the course provider to establish if their event enables successful participants to be insured and also practice (this usually requires an assessment).

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Allison WalkerAuricular Reflexology

Provider: Contemporary Reflexology College

Tel: 01335 350 554


Length of course: 1 day

Cost of course: £135

Are case studies required? No (but they are encouraged)

Learn to assess your client’s health through the ears and create bespoke treatments for fast pain relief, mobility, endocrine balancing, cravings and emotional wellbeing. Powerful for self-help and client aftercare. A fascinating practical day. Laminated A3 chart, comprehensive manual, DVD and slide show are included plus post course support.

This course provides:

Dollarphotoclub 58103015Additional reflexology knowledge and techniques

Dollarphotoclub 58103015Business and Marketing knowledge 

Dollarphotoclub 58103015Techniques that can be incorporated into a standard treatment

Dollarphotoclub 58103015Techniques that can form a separate treatment


Dates this course is running:

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