The Self-Help toolkit for Anxiety and Stress – for you or your clients

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Are you or your clients overwhelmed with everyday life?

Are you or your clients struggling with Anxiety or Stress?

So many of us struggle every day, feeling overwhelmed, like we can’t get on top of stuff. We worry about our work, our children, our partners and think there is no way out. But if we take a few small steps each day we can help manage these feelings

My Self-Help Toolkit for Anxiety and Stress course will help you, personal understand what is going on with you or your client.

In this course you will learn about anxiety and stress and how it affects the mind and body, you will learn tools and techniques to help manage and maintain anxiety and stress.

You can use these tools and techniques for yourself or teach them to your clients to help them manage and maintain their anxiety and stress.

This course will provide an understand of what your clients are dealing with and enhance your treatments

You will receive material to share with you clients – Guided Meditation recording and ‘How to stay calm, positive and focused’ workbook – Download

Course cost: £100
Length: 5 hours
Location: Online

For further details please go to or email