Laura Franzen FMAR

07823 443239
07823 443239
Taunton, TA1


I have been practising reflexology for over four years now, and with every year that passes I love the therapy even more! As many of my clients will attest, I am constantly learning new techniques and theory to expand my knowledge of the therapy, meaning that your treatments can be specifically tailored to your needs, drawn from a number of revolutionary techniques that enhance the traditional techniques I learned from my original training. Come and find out just why I think reflexology is such an amazing therapy - whether your treatment is on the face or the feet, you'll soon feel the stress melt away!

Additional Details

I'm fully trained in Traditional Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology, VRT, Facial Reflexology Bergman Method, Advanced Facelift Massage, Aromareflex, Mindful Reflexology, Reflexology Lymph Drainage, Zone Facelift, Body Massage and Indian Head Massage, so your treatments really can stand out from the crowd if you want to try something a little different!